//Underwater Flowers 004

Underwater Flowers 004

Medium:    Water based inks and dyes on Silk
Size:            16 inch x 40 inch


Silk is a beautiful gift of nature that has been cultivated over 3500 years and enjoyed for over 4000 years. Crepe de chines is one of my favourite fabric on which I want to paint. painting is a good way of feeling relaxed and releasing stress.

Underwater sea is my first silk painting which I painted in 1995. I was inspired by a book “The artists guide to gutta and Wax by Susan, Louise, and Moyer. I always get my inspiration from nature. 

Sea corals are the best source of finding colors as they are full of vibrant colors and textures. Corals are usually light or golden brown, but some may be bright blue, green or even red and they can fluoresce. They can change color, depending on the environmental conditions they encounter.These coral colors inspire me for my silk paintings

Colors can change the way we feel and react in different situations and I love using it in all my paintings.

In this painting I used gutta lines on silk as a resist and then used my creativity to fill the leaves and flowers with vibrant colors to enhance the beauty of silk scarf.

I got it printed on a variety of fabrics for scarves.

We can use this image for textiles ,home accessories, wallpapers ,ceramics, stationery items and paintings.

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