//Flight in the Mountains 007

Flight in the Mountains 007

Medium:   Mix media on paper
Size:            11.7 x 16.5 inch
 Detail:       I used this painting as an abstract painting but in the end it appeared to me as one bird is flying high in the mountains. He is flying in the night but the sun is there showing that even in darkest times in our lives we should keep the hope. Sun in this painting is the symbol of hope


What distinguishes the eagle from the other is its sharp vision, courage, daring attitude, love of freedom and action, struggle, devotion, dedication, self-reliance and its ability to soar up into the air and rule the sky.

Last night I was watching a documentary on National Geographic about the life of eagles. What I learned regarded an eagles’ ability to “Transform” or “Change” after certain periods of time and need. 

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