//Birds Sitting on Tree in the Sun 016

Birds Sitting on Tree in the Sun 016



Birds sitting on a tree during daytime gives a new look to this design.

You can use it for textiles, ceramics ,paper and canvas.

It will brighten your room if you get it printed on curtains or wallpaper.

This fresco work image has been taken from a very old fort of sheikhupura Pakistan in 2004 during my visit at historical buildings.I always collect good images and photographs for the inspiration of my paintings. The original colors of this motifs were maroon and blue which was almost faded.I was promoting art and artists and I was saving these images for my reference.

That’s how I saved this historical fresco work by painting and redesigning it in different colors. Later I used it in a variety of colors and got it printed on silks and chiffons. This image can be used in interiors, textiles, ceramics and many more other things.

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