//City and the Art Environment.

City and the Art Environment.

While living in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris in 2011 I got a chance to visit my artist friend in Auffay, an idlestic village. His house was peaceful, infused with raw beauty and serenity, the kind you get when you disconnect from the world and all its buzzing noises.

When you disconnect, you can meet yourself, and in that little village on the outskirts of Paris, I found myself again.

Sitting by the big old fireplace, searching deep within my soul, I connected to the artist part of myself.

The creative part.

The rebellious part.

I fell in love with the green landscape visible through those open French windows. It is said that once you connect with nature, you connect with the deeper part of yourself.

As my friend showed me more of his work & glass sculptures, I got more attuned to the idea of creating art work myself. That is when I started painting on my own.

Paris is magic.

The Eiffel Tower, the art galleries, the museums, and all those centuries old streets and markets,…

They infused new ideas racing through my head, every new day, bringing out the artist in me on paper and silk.

I started observing art from different angles and perception, and not just the surface level picture that one sees through their eyes.

I learnt that just like people, art too has layers to it. One can slowly learn to peal off each layer the more one gets involved deeply with it.

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