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About Me

Fariha started her journey into the world of creativity and innovation by specializing in the field of graphic design in 2000. Her career vision was to give life to creative instincts bursting within her and bring it to life. She has worked with different institutions, companies, hotels and banks for the promotion of art, culture and artists by digitally reproducing different designs, paintings and fresco works. As a creative person, Fariha’s main focus is to create innovative designs that inspire her in a spiritual way. Her passion for art  has lead her to travel to different places, forts, museums for inspiration which she blends with her own paintings and to create altogether a new design. With the view of promoting and preserving the work of old masters and fresco works from old forts of Lahore, from the shrine of Guru Nanak, and Museums, she started by getting copyrights from these artists  to reproduce the work. She replicated these designs in the form of paintings, wall ceilings, calendars, greeting cards and customized souvenirs. She collaborated and served different organizations, corporations, hotels, cultural institutions, banks by taking digital orders for them and reprinting the original beautiful designs.

Fariha’s Design is a beautiful amalgamation of play between nature’s colors, motifs, and traditional sub continental art combined with contemporary new techniques and practices. Having refined her skills in textile design from Saint Martin’s school at London in 2015, Fariha took this idea further ahead and started producing her own designs. Fariha is a freelance surface pattern designer and artist. Fariha’s abstract paintings produce eye catching prints with high quality colors on different materials (eg. paper, canvas, ceramics, and textiles). In her collection we can find old and historic decorative motifs, fresco works and paintings which can be reproduced on canvas, paper, ceramics, and textiles vibrantly and originally giving the feel of the real art piece. Fariha combines hand drawing, digital printing techniques and decorative motifs into her art taking inspiration from her maiden sub-continent culture and her travels across European countries. Her hand drawn designs are often done in acrylics, inks, gouache, markers, pencils, and other materials. Her designs are mostly abstract i.e. she uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition. Her work is used in interiors, fashion designing (specifically scarves and shirts) as well as home accessories. By blending different hand-printed and painting techniques, she creates magic.


“Fariha is a very talented artist with many years of experience. Her work with promoting the reproductions of the Lahore Museum collection is of particular mention.”

Raza Jaffri, Lahore, Pakistan

“Fariha has been a passionate art advocate at our school. She leads an arts and crafts wellness activity with our middle schooler and engages them wil creative and innovative projects. However, Fariha is not only an educator. The images she produces herself are colorful and full of motion. She clearly understand the connection between emotions, color, and lines. Her patterns and pieces are always appealing!”

Kelly Donaldson, Toronto, Canada

“Her work is phenomenal she prepared good quality paintings for our home and also her artwork gives birth to new ideas. Her work has been displayed in exhibitions as well and the it feels like she breathes art as it’s a very important element in her life.”

Minial Sameer, Lahore, Pakistan

“I have known Fariha for the last 5 years. Little as it may sound but it seems like a lifetime. Art and paintings go hand in hand with her nature. Her artwork is a breath of fresh air. Her abstract paintings are thought provoking, inspiring and intriguing with depth ness in them. Her use of vibrant, radiant and evocative colors brings life to her paintings. Her detailed graphic designs are picturesque, scintillating and fascinating.I have had the opportunity of placing orders with her for paintings for my home and presents for my friends home as well…”

Sobia Asif, Germany, A Friend In Germany

“Dear Fariha, Please allow me to express how much I like your art.Your expression,talent and balance is beyond anything I have ever seen. I want to you know that I get such strong feelings and emotions when I look at your paintings.They touch my soul. I am so happy that someone of your talent is making their work available to all people……You are very talented and very creative with your work and I do hope you continue with your creations for years to come and I do believe you are a great artist Thank you for sharing your work with the world and I hope to see more in the future. with warm regards.”

Derya Aydin, Turkey, Turkish Friend

“I have found Fatiha to have a special passion for arts, colours , combinations , paint strokes and what not. Even when she was very young she used to play with colours and used to find creative shapes and figures ans nature. She gets indulged and absorbed whenever doing some painting, have her music on and keep painting for several hours. She has no sleep in her eyes when it comes to her paintings absolutely lost in her work, which is always full of creativity. Most of her art work highlights love for nature , spirituality and some philosophical tinge also. She’s a born artist , I must say this . Wish all the best for her passion and profession.”

Maliha Latif, Lahore, Pakistan

“Love it when she paints, feels so natural and in her elements. Her passion for colors and art is so nice, one feels like floating with her in creativity. She brings out the artist in you. Her work is original and sometimes very spiritual.”

Mobin Karamat, London, UK

“Love the variety of paintings and work done by Fariha. The attention to detail and an effort towards perfection speaks highly of the amount of talent she posseses. Her passion for art can be seen in her work as every project she undertakes, she executes it with sheer brilliance. Her experience in this field along with her love for art is translated into beautiful masterpieces!”

Akmal Nadeem, Lahore, Pakistan

“Fariha’s art speaks or spirituality, depth and reasonates with your core like no other artist . Her work is an amazing mix of contemporary and culture art which can be transalated into various mediums beautifully. Highly recommended”

Yumna Nadeem, Calgary, Canada

“Fariha is such a clever, talented and beautiful artist. I would have a house full of her paintings if I could.I love her use of colours and the way she captures them on the canvas, is mesmerizing.The most amazing thing is her painting hits the mood. It always has so depth and meaning in it.I am so proud of your work Fariha, you are really hitting your stride.”

Saima Salman, London, UK

“I am lucky enough to know Fariha from our work place.She is humbly talented and in many ways!I asked her if she would be interested in painting a plain white silk shirt I had,and she took it home for awhile.All I said was”I like bright colors”and a few weeks later the most colorful painting was crafted by Fariha and her colorful mind and heart!I love wearing my shirt and appreciate the time and positive energy Fariha had to create this gorgeous piece of clothing! Thank you for sharing your talents with me!”

Kelly McKay, Canada
“I know Fariha as thinking mind along with exceptional sense of creativity. She play with colours on her will. Her art work brings life on canvas. Her progress attitude speak itself on her work which is contemporary and mix of Sufism, keep rolling Fariha.”
Nadeem Aslam, Karachi, Pakistan
Fariha’s whimsical and colorful designs reflect her creativity and passion for what she does. Her unique artistic perspective is reflected in the joy of her designs and the quality of each piece.
Pheobe Charrier, Sydney, Australia
Fariha’s scarves are colorful, creative, and of great quality with interesting socio-historical connections which make them so unique and diverse. They make for wonderful gifts and the silk printing quality is of high quality. You would not be disappointed buying yours! You will find it challenging selecting which one to buy out of the many appealing options.”
Claire Morris, Cape Town, South Africa
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